3 reasons to use anti-wrinkle cream in your 20’s and 30s

It’s never too early to start introducing an anti wrinkle cream into your beauty routine. Here are just 3 of the reasons that a 100% organic anti-wrinkle cream can benefit your skin, whether you’re in your 20s, 30’s or even 40s:

1. Balance sebum production in your skin by using a 100% organic product with Palmarosa herb oil (cymbopogon martini) in it.

2. Encourage cell regeneration and strengthen skin tissues, to improve skin elasticity, by adding an organic product to your beuty routine that uses Horsetail leaf extract (equisetum arvense).

3. Boost your vitamin C intake, to help skin regeneration, by using a 100% organic product that contains Rose Hip Seed oil (rosa rubiginosa).

Which anti ageing tips work for your skin?

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You would expect that what it says on the packaging would be what you got inside the packaging, but when it comes to organic skincare there is a mass of confusion.

Go into any chemists and you’ll find rows of products claiming to be ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’. Current legislation permits the use of such terms as long as a product has some natural or organic ingredients, even when the majority of ingredients are non-organic or synthetic. Customers who believed they were choosing organic products were shocked to find that they contained the very synthetic chemicals that they were trying to avoid.

The Organic Consumer Association (OCA) believes that this is wrong, and misleading to a majority of customers. Whilst the only way to be sure of the organic content of a product is to look for a certification symbol (Soil Association, USDA), the OCA believe there should be stricter guidelines on the usage of the terms ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ on product packaging.

For more information, visit: http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/index.cfm

Jumping cows?

Just read this rather amusing article via @SoilAssociation on Twitter http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6831123/Cow-jumps-six-feet-onto-roof.html.

Had no idea that cows could jump so high until now!

Guess the sound of hooves on the roof on Christmas Eve may not be such an unusual occurrence after all!

An Organic Christmas

It’s that time of year, everyone seems to be trying to sell you something, or panicking  you by reminding you exactly how many hours there are until Christmas day.

The festive late night shoppping, the smell of roast chestnuts, hot dogs and candyfloss filling the streets, and the hustle and bustle of the masses starts to get us into the Chrismas spirit. The street markets, home to many small businesses, local jewelery makers, and sellers of unusual gifts are an Aladdins cave of gift ideas- withthe bonus of buying locally and supporting local businesses.

We especially like the sound of Saltburn Farmers Christmas Market, with its Organic focus an range of homemade products; http://fansonline.net/onegiantleap/article.php?id=253.

Wising you all the best  with your Festive preparations,


The benefits of a good sleep…

December tends to be one of the busier months of the year, as we struggle to balance the Christmas shopping, the parties and the meals out alongside the day job and our usual weekly chores. Usually, it is our sleep that suffers – with late nights after social events, or wrapping up those Christmas gifts to make sure they get posted in time.

As we know, our skin is very sensitive to such changes, and too many late nights will leave us looking tired and weary. Although skin care products and make-up can disguise these tell tale signs for a while, if we’re not careful we will end up run down and liable to be ill, right in time for the Christmas dinner.

I found this helpful article online, which suggests that a change of bedding could help us sleep easier. Natural fibres and down are recommended, as expected, but there are also helpful tips to test if your pillow is past its best. Maybe there is still time to change that Christmas wish list to include a new duvet…


Ethical living and Christmas Dinner…

I realised today that it is the 25th November, so just a month from Christmas Day! (Sorry to those who don’t like thinking about Christmas til it reaches Decemeber!)

I found an interesting article on the New York Times website, which suggests that we can be much more enviromentally aware if we ditch the organic turkey in favour of a vegetarian or vegan Christmas: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/22/opinion/22steiner.html?pagewanted=2

Although giving up the traditional roast may be a bit much to ask, it is easier to buy non-food products that are suitable for vegetarians or vegans as even skin care products are now labelled with information.

Whilst we might miss our roast beef on Christmas Day, choosing a face cream which contains non-animal products is an easier way of making an ethical stand.

Toxic cosmetics…

I was shocked to read the following article about the California poison hotline, that the most common cause of poisoning in children under 6 is due to cosmetics!


Not sure what is more shocking – that these children were left unattended with such items (which regardless of chemical content, are often small and pose a choking hazard), or that they can cause poisoning if ingested.

Time to check the toxicity levels of our make up bags…

It’s raining, it’s pouring… but is it moisturising?

One of the unusual things about the 100% Organics skin care range is that the products (except the Toner) do not contain any water. If you take a look at most other skin creams, moisturisers and cleansers, water is often the primary ingredient.

It would seem logical to accept that water is going to hydrate your skin, as we are encouraged to drink 2 litres a day, and applying more in our daily skin care routine could only be a good thing right?


Our skin naturally has a layer of oil, known as sebum, which is its natural defense against the elements. This layer of oil actually prevents water from entering through your skin. So creams that are water based only sit on the surface, and all the other nutrients which they may contain don’t reach the skin layers they are intended to benefit.

Sometimes, harsh chemicals are used to break down this sebum layer so that the ingredients can reach the skin – however by destroying this protective layer products often do more harm than good. The strange phenomenon of moisturisers sometimes seeming to dry skin out is an example of this.

The 100% Organics range has been designed by skin care experts who understand the skin and respect this protective layer. The oils contained in the 100% Organics range work in harmony with our natural sebum to cleanse, nourish and moistrurise our skin.

Cooling coconut…

One of the ingredients found in our 100% Organics range is Coconut oil, so I decided to find out some more with some quick Googling.

I was expecting it to have cooling, soothing qualities, and as it is an oil wasn’t surprised to find that it is popular in both skin and hair care products. But I was surprised to find that the lauric acid contained in Coconut oil is beneficial to our immune systems, as we convert it to monolaurin which helps us to fight viruses and bacteria which cause diseases, including the flu.

Also, the chemical structure (for those that are scientifically-minded) of Coconut oil is that of a Meduim Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) whilst most fats in our diets tend to be Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA). This means that the molecules of Coconut oil are smaller than in other fats and so more easily absorbed and assimilated by the body.

Rather impressive for something most people associate with sunny holidays, Pina Coladas and Bounty bars….

Dry crunchy leaves, chapped autumn lips…

It’s that time of year again where the leaves fill the pavements and we crunch our way to and from the office.

Perhaps these dry, brittle leaves are nature’s way of telling us that we still need to be thinking about moisturising in these cooler months, as although the sun seems to have left us to go and warm up the southern hemisphere, the cold, dry wind is a similarly powerful force.

For me, the first casulaty in the dry cold windy days are chapped lips. I don’t think I’m alone when my first rummage in the make-up bag finds up to thirty old, half-used, slightly grotty looking lip balms, chap sticks and salves – and I can never bring myself to use any of them. Each year results in the addition of yet more of these pots and sticks, and inevitably the make-up bag has to be cleared out at some point. I dread to think how much I’ve spent on these at on average £4 a piece.

This year, I am hoping to turn over a new leaf and just buy the ONE. The 100% Organics lip balm, retailing at £11 is made of 100% organic ingredients: organic cold-pressed oils, organic beeswax, and organic essential oils. The oils have been especially chosen by a leading skincare expert for their soothing and healing properties…. will keep you posted!